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About Us


We, as Vivopol; We are people who have come together as a team that is passionate, innovative and respectful of nature. Each of us is filled with the same determination and enthusiasm for the protection of natural resources and the dissemination of environmentally friendly products. Our biggest goal is to contribute to making the daily lives of our customers and society more sustainable.

We set out to contribute to the spread of natural, non-oil-based products in the world and to make environmentally friendly solutions a part of daily life.

With our bio-based polymers and environmentally friendly additives, we support our customers to step into a cleaner and more livable world of the future by offering innovative and sustainable products.

Yeşil İç Mekan


To contribute to the world's direction towards a more environmentally sustainable future with products that come from nature and are not oil-based.


To be a leading global supplier in the field of bio-based polymers and additives.

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